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Note: Reading my post "Farrah's Story" May 19, 2009 will shed more light on today's post........

Rest in Peace, Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson.

In the midst of thousands who died on Thursday, the most noted in the press were two icons of pop culture. Yet, they were "regular" people, just like most people. They both had issues with life, both were deeply afraid of their power, and both were easily swayed and victimized by Big Pharma that the answers to their problems would come from pharmaceuticals, radiation, surgeries, and money.

I still assert that these two, amongst many, were here on this earth not just to entertain us, but to teach us all significant lessons. By being willing to submit to the dominant paradigm of thought/health "care" (I call it "sickcare"), they were showing those who are still living and are enamored of the lies by the dominant authority how these lies and ignorances lead to a crash and burn existence. The reality is: drugs do not a quality of life make. Especially Farrah's story.....calling the devastating effects of chemotherapy "treatment" and then the system saying "she died of cancer....."

I thank Farrah and Michael for their courage, for this profound teaching......

Sunday, June 21, 2009

An Excerpt from Cheri Huber's latest message....

Note: the bold italics are my editing for emphasis.

"The June 18, 2009, quote from Transform Your Life is, “Fear grows in darkness; if you think there’s a bogeyman around, turn on the light.” (Dorothy Thompson)

How easy it is for conditioned humans, believing the conversation in the head is life, to forget, to get talked out of knowing, that each of us can “turn on the light.” As soon as an individual learns it is possible to end suffering in this very lifetime, and begins to sit and to develop the ability to direct the attention, that person is no longer condemned to live in darkness, afraid of the bogeyman. Once you know what the switch looks like, where it’s located, how to use it, you’re free. The gift, the wonder, of being a human being is that we have the power to turn the lights on and live in illumination.

Last month we had a Precept’s retreat. During the week preceding the “commitment ceremony” we look carefully at just what it is we’re choosing for the rest of our lives. The Precepts are:
Not to lead a harmful life nor to assist others to do so.
Not to take that which is not given.
Not to commit or participate in unchaste conduct.
Not to tell lies nor practice believing the fantasies of authority.
Not to use intoxicating drinks or narcotics nor assist others to do so.
Not to publish other people’s faults.
Not to extol oneself and slander others.
Not to be avaricious in bestowal of the teachings.
Not to be angry.
Not to speak ill of this religion or any other.
And, for good measure, we have what are called the Three Pure Precepts:
The Precept of restraint and religious observances.
The Precept to obey all good laws.
The Precept to benefit all sentient beings.

At one point Jen suggested an Eleventh Precept:
Not to believe or participate in the conversation in the head.

Now that is a true “cut to the chase” strategy! Without that conversation in the head would there be any shoulds or blame or comparison or judgment? Isn’t that conversation there only to perpetuate self-hate and misery? Without the endless droning voices blocking out the light and drowning out the wisdom, a person would live in attunement with life, act on what life brings, make course corrections as new information arises, enjoy, feel good, appreciate….
Sounds manageable, eh? So, why don’t more people do it? Why isn’t it more popular? Doesn’t everyone want to slide in that key, unlock those chains, shrug free of the restraints, flip that light switch, and stroll smiling and humming into the sunset? The obvious answer is “no.”

Egocentric karmic conditioning, ego, the illusion of a self that is separate from life most assuredly does not want to live in peace, ease, appreciation and gratitude. Why? Because it cannot. An illusion of a self that is separate from life must have that illusory life in the past or in the future where there is an imaginary “something wrong” to fear, worry about, agonize over, regret, feel guilty about, be confused over, try to figure out—in a word, noodle. Ego has its fictitious life in a conversation in the head. (If that’s hard to follow, compare the imaginary life of ego to a movie. Those characters in the film, with all their joys, sorrows, triumphs and failures, much as they seem to be real, are not. We pretend they’re real, sometimes even get so caught up with them that we forget they’re not real. We identify with them, feel what they’re feeling—which of course they’re not—and for a while believe they are real people living in real situations in a real world. But they’re not! And neither is that voice of ego in the head, pretending to be worried, fearful, upset, hopeful, etc. It’s all an act. Egocentric karmic conditioning does not live in the real world. And neither does the person duped into giving over their attention and awareness to that fiction.)

To quote Shaw again, instead of being duped, we have the opportunity to be, “…a force of nature.” That’s what we can call the person who lives in attunement with life, acts on what life brings to do, makes course corrections as new information arises, enjoys, feels good, appreciates….a force of nature, an expression of Life.

Choice #1: feverish little clod of ailments and grievances complaining that the world will not devote itself to making you happy. Choice #2: force of nature. The choice is ours and, blessedly, as soon as we decide to go with Choice #2, we know how to use that key and we know how to flip that switch!"


I find this teacher's work to be sooooo instrumental in my practice, helping me to really hear on a deeper level the egoic voices, and to not buy into them. The website is, it will touch your heart. They help African children, have a free weekly internet radio program, support monastic and lay sangha, have an active social peace stewardship, hold retreats around the country, sell Cheri Huber's books, and other dharma materials.


German New Medicine and Brain CT Scans Part Three

3. Pleura Left lung. Mesoderm origin, controlled by the cerebellum (old brain). The conflict of "attack" against one's chest, real or figurative, a threat or an imagined attack (probably my fears that I was having a heart attack during my two previously described HHs), attack on one's integrity can be experienced as an attack against the pleura. The brain and pleura's response during attack is to thicken the costal pleura to protect it against further attacks (stabs or blow) or mentally (such as the shock response to "you have a lung tumor!").

This Hamer focus was conflict active at the time of my scan (5/5/09). Once conflict has been resolved, the pleura goes into healing, or effusion. It is in this phase that one would have sensation: pain, swelling, fluid on lungs, shortness of breath. The degree of healing symptoms is directly proportional to the amount of conflict and inversely to the degree of understanding symptoms/phases and not panicking, instead relaxing, embracing, resting, and, if you have a good practitioner, therapies which support the body and balance the healing response (I talk with Dr. Christopher Lowthert, DC in Pennsylvania, use chinese herbs from Dr. Guo, and take Rescue Remedy ALOT).

I do believe that I have gone into conflict resolution or healing on this one.....I am having a mild persistent burning over the left lung, fatigue is setting in, my extremities are warm, and my appetite is very strong. Dr. Guo has me on herbs which regulate water metabolism, ie, diuresis, and this is most likely keeping the symptoms mild. I am tired today, and will probably take the day off tomorrow, to continue resting.

So, here is an example of how GNM can explain what is occurring with someone, and I hope that this perks interest in someone out there. To learn more details, go to wealth of information. Again, my thanks to the reader for your interest, and just a reminder, if you have more questions, comments, please write to me!

I am grateful to Drs. Chris, Meyer, Guo and Aldridge, David, Caroline, my family and friends, especially Ann-Marie for their love and support as I go through my healing, and my study.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

German New Medicine and Brain CT Scans Part Two

The next Hamer Focus to be found......

2. Coronary arteries/both Right and Left cerebral cortex relay centers. In this brain area, I had two foci, one on each hemisphere. Both had cellular development indicating they were in Healing Phase. The inner lining of the coronary arteries is the tunica intima, which is squamous epithelium, of ectoderm origin, or outer skin. The outer skin is a later evolutionary adaptation, allowing the organism to retain water, have protection against the new elements encountered on land. This is why the ectoderm is controlled by the newer brain, cerebral cortex.

The conflict activity affecting coronary atereies is a territorial conflict. This is also a special situation in that I have two HF's, one on each side....this brings up what is called "Constellation." These are opposing Hamer Foci, essentially "cancel each other out," and this is most likely the origin of my history of mild depression. In Conflict Active phase, there is ulceration of the tunica intima -- why? So that in the face of a defense of territory, when the animal is in a stressful, fight or flight, situation, the coronary arteries will be able to expand and accept the greater volume and pressure of blood being pumped through them as the animal's heart rate and force of pumping increases. This improves performance. Once the conflict is over, the coronary arteries go into healing.....repairing themselves with the "spackle" of the body..... the inflammation process, which brings all kinds of cells and fats and protein to the injured site. There is swelling to tissue during healing process, and "so there can be temporary occlusion, which is, however, insignificant, since it doesn't cause pain or circulatory disturbances, as previously wrongly assumed."

The third Hamer Focus: continued....

German New Medicine and Brain CT Scans Part One

It has been a while since I said I would explain more on German New Medicine. I received the result of my brain CT scan reading last week, and so thought this would be the best vehicle by which to show how health works in an organism.....

In GNM, biological laws explain what is occurring with a healing process. A conflict, either literal or figurative, impacts the organism (and I make this generality because this applies to organisms at all levels....from the basic neural net organism to the higher cognitive/brain development human/dolphin/ape, etc.) at three levels simultaneously....the psyche, the brain, and the corresponding organ. We can look at any of these levels to understand what conflict occurred...psychological behaviors elicited, how the organ has adapted/responded to the conflict, or the brain as seen by the concentric rings that develop in the appropriate organ relay center in the brain. There are 2 phases in a healing process.....conflict active and healing phases, each with their own unique qualities, at the psyche, brain and organ levels.

Getting a brain scan isn't absolutely necessary for determining what is occurring for a person, but it is a good tool for providing more information, if you believe that knowledge is power. For me, I love amassing and assimilating information.

Here are my results:
1. Right myocardium/Right Cerebral medulla relay center. In Healing Phase. This is mesodermally-derived tissue layer, and under cerebral medulla control, so handedness plays a factor here. Normally, in handedness or laterality, when an organ contralateral to the right brain side is affected, we see the conflict being relative to a mother/child issue. In the heart, because the rudimentary two-tube heart twists and forms four chambers in higher vertebrates, the affected tissue is now on the same or ipsilateral side as the brain HH. The conflict for myocardium is OVERWHELM in relation to mother/child. The conflict active phase activity in the myocardium is myocardial necrosis. The post-conflict healing phase activity is reconstruction of the necrosis with muscle hypertrophy. It is experienced during the epileptic crisis (mid-phase final sympathetic tone push of the last of the conflict) as muscle spasming/fibrillation, an elevated blood pressure and tachycardia. The biological purpose: to make the muscle stronger. Therapy: a. come to understand and resolve/downplay the situation(s) which are psychologically and physically overwhelming. b. Shock-therapy by dowsing the head/body with cold water, or placing a big bag of ice over the head, especially the right side where the myocardium relay center is located. Dr. Chris told me that the Hamer Focus is small, and not one to be worried about.

Part Two: the next Hamer Focus....